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Performing Arts Tours – Concert and Choir Tours

We have substantial experience in organising performing arts tours to Russia – in particular concert and choir tours:

Itineraries: we do not have set itineraries as we tend to tailor-make itineraries according to the individual group’s requirements. Sample itineraries available on request.

Destinations: we can provide services and concert arrangements in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus.

Concert arrangement: we charge a concert arrangement fee depending upon the event. We will highlight these costs when we quote for your tour.

Concert venues: we have arranged concerts in schools, churches, ‘palaces of culture’ and clubs. Venue hire charges can range from €150-750, although schools and churches often do not charge a hire fee as such, but request a donation to their funds. Churches would require the repertoire to be mainly sacred. Churches would be Protestant or Catholic (Orthodox churches do not permit non-Orthodox choirs to sing).
For groups with larger budgets & ambitions it is also possible to hire professional concert venues.
The choice of venue depends on a number of factors, such as the number of musicians performing, repertoire and budget. Church venues in particular would require information on the choir and its repertoire before approving the use of the church.
For a selection of possible venues, see below

Concert publicity: costs can vary greatly depending on how and where we advertise. Allow €250-750 per concert depending on the group’s budget and requirements

Piano: some venues will have a piano/keyboard available; for others we may need to hire one at an additional charge

Instrument storage/transportation: we can provide a luggage truck if this is required to transport instruments.

Meals: we usually arrange half board for our meals – breakfast & dinner daily in the hotel. We do not usually arrange lunches, for reasons of cost, quality and timing. There are plenty of places to get a quick and cheap lunch, and the guides will recommend places during the tours. Arranging a lunch, even a packed lunch, would cost at least €15 per person per day. Packed lunches, particularly from the Russian hotels, are not particularly good, and arranging lunch in a restaurant takes quite a bit of time out of the programme

Trains: for a two-centre tour in Russia there are various options for travel between Moscow and St Petersburg. There are fast day trains which take around 4 hours; and a slightly cheaper option of an overnight train which takes 8 hours and saves a night’s hotel accommodation. It is also possible to fly between the two cities, or to travel by road, although it is not recommended to do this in one day; we could include a night in Veliky Novgorod to break the journey.

Russian visas: here in our UK office we have our own dedicated visa department. The current visa charge for student groups which have booked services through us is £85 per person plus postage (usually £25 total for a group). All information on the visa application procedure can be found on our website www.asla.co.uk

Hotels: for student and touring adult groups we tend to use hotels such as the Cosmos and Vega in Moscow, which are both 3-star tourist class hotels located to the north of the city centre, both with metro stations close by; and the Park Inns Pulkovskaya and Pribaltiyskaya, which are both 4-star hotels with very good facilities, and offer excellent rates as they are not located in the centre of the city.For groups with a higher budget who wish to stay in more central, superior hotels, we would recommend the Holiday Inn Suschevsky or Park Inn Sadu in Moscow and Park Inn Nevsky in St Petersburg.

Time to travel: for St Petersburg, October-April is the best time to travel, as this is low season and the rates are very low (the hotels are quite empty during winter). For Moscow, the best rates are at the weekend: Moscow is a major business destination and so weekday rates are considerably higher and availability is tougher.

Concert venues

There are a number of different venues depending on the size required and the budget of the groups.
Examples of non-professional venues which we use are:

Catholic Church of the Immaculate Conception
St. Andrew’s Anglican Church
St. Petersburg:
Greko-Roman Cathedral
Roman Catholic Church of Our Lady of Lourdes
Port Club (The People’s Arts House)

The church venues tend to have around 150-200 seats for the audience. The Port Club is a larger, more informal venue with 500-1000 seats, located in central St Petersburg, and is suitable for choirs or orchestras with a secular rather than sacred repertoire.

In summer we can also arrange outdoor venues by agreement with the local authorities.

If the group has a larger budget there are other professional venues which the group may feel are more suitable than churches. These are considerably more expensive, however!


Professional venue hire in Moscow ranges from €2000-€10000, including rehearsal time but limited publicity.

MMDM (Moscow International House of Music), Kamerny (Chamber) Hall, Moscow
Capacity: 573 seats (up to 60-70 musicians on stage)

Moscow Conservatory Large Hall, Moscow
Capacity: 1600 seats (up to 100 musicians on stage)

Tchaikovsky Concert Hall, Moscow
Capacity: 1500 seats (up to 100 musicians on stage)

DK MELZ (House of Culture of the Moscow Electric Light Factory)
Capacity: 800 seats (up to 80-100 musicians on stage)

St. Petersburg:

Professional venue hire in Moscow ranges from €1000-€3000, including rehearsal time but limited publicity.

Karnaval Concert Hall (Annichkov Palace), St Petersburg
Capacity: 760 seats (up to 100 musicians on stage, 800 square meters)

Philarmonia Maly Concert Hall, St Petersburg
Capacity: 400 seats (up to 80 musicians on stage)

St Petersburg State Academic Capella, St Petersburg
Capacity: 500 seats (up to 100 musicians on stage)

Saint Petersburg Concert Hall (near Finland Railway), St Petersburg
Capacity: 500 seats (up to 80-100 musicians on stage)